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FAQ's About Mastectomy Bras & Breast Care

What will I need to wear after my mastectomy?

The ideal garment to wear after a mastectomy is a post op camisole or bra which has a place for the drains to be held and a front closure.  They also can come with “puffs” if reconstruction was not performed to fill the bra.   

When will I be able to wear a regular bra?

After drains have been removed and after incisions have been healed is the time you can be fitted by a certified mastectomy fitter for a mastectomy bra and prosthetic.  If reconstruction was performed and you are purchasing new bras you want to make sure you stay away from underwire bras.  Women with reconstruction can still be fitted by a certified mastectomy fitter as well to get a comfortable bra or sports bra.  

Does insurance pay for bras and prosthetics?

As for Medicare, they will cover 80% for prosthesis every 2 years and up to 6 bras a year.  As for replacement plans and other insurance company you will want to call and ask their coverage on a L 8000, which is mastectomy bra and L 8030, which is the silicone breast prosthesis.  At Renew, we take Medicare and private pay.   

How much do the bras cost at Renew?

 The specialty bras at the boutique range in price from 40-60 dollars.    

How does a fitting occur?

 If you are in need for a fitting, you would call the boutique and schedule a 1 on 1 private fitting with the certified mastectomy fitter.  In the fitting an evaluation will be performed and measurements taken to determine the appropriate size bra and breast forms.  Multiple style bras will be tried on during fitting to determine the best bra for the client.   

If I am going to use Medicare what will I need to bring with me the day of the fitting?

We will need a copy of your driver’s license, Medicare card and secondary insurance card (if applicable). For Medicare to cover the products, we need a prescription from the doctor as well as a visit note.  If the doctor does not know exactly what to write on the prescription, Renew will fax the doctor a script for him/her to sign with the appropriate codes. 

How long till I receive the product after the fitting?

 If the products are in stock, the client can take that day.  If the item is not in stock or a different color is requested it usually takes 7-10 business days to get in.  Then the client would be called to come back for those items. 

What other items does Renew sell in the boutique?

Renew also sells compression garments for lymphedema or prevention of lymphedema.  We have scarves, turbans and hats with hair for women who have lost their hair from chemotherapy.  Mastectomy bathing suits and prosthetic swim forms are also sold in the boutique.  Lastly, we sell a line of body products (body butter and deodorant) that are nontoxic for all people to use.    


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